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Our dental team at Kaka‘ako Smiles is committed to respecting you and your privacy. This statement is to provide you with information on how and why we collect and use your personal information, and the procedures we take to keep your information private. Please read this statement carefully so that you are fully informed with the details of our Privacy Policy. 

This Privacy Policy statement addresses only the use and disclosure of information collected through this website, Kaka‘ako Smiles is not responsible for information that you, the user, may disclose to any third parties linked to this website. Please review the Privacy Statement of each third party website as their practices and procedures may be different from ours.

In general, you can visit our website without disclosing any private information. However, we do maintain a form on our “Contact Us” page that you may use to contact and request additional information from us. This form requires you, the user, to submit personal information, including, but not limited to, the user’s full name, email address, and telephone number. Kaka‘ako Smiles may use the provided information to contact the user regarding the inquiry. We will not disseminate this information to any entities not affiliated with Kaka‘ako Smiles unless required to do so by law. 

However, please be aware that persons not affiliated with Kaka‘ako Smiles may engage in unauthorized activity with the purpose of obtaining your personal information. While we discourage this type of activity and have implemented safeguards to protect your privacy, we cannot guarantee that it will not occur and thus, cannot guarantee against inadvertent or unknowing disclosure of information about you. To the extent permitted by law, Kaka‘ako Smiles disclaims all liability for any and all such inadvertent disclosures.

By accessing this website,, you are giving your consent to the privacy practices of Kaka‘ako Smiles. 

Copyright Notice

The purpose of this website,, is to provide you, the user, with information about our dental practice at Kaka‘ako Smiles. This website is an original copyrighted work owned solely by Kaka‘ako Smiles and Dr. Gerald Adachi, DMD, Inc. All content, including written text and photos, are protected under federal Copyright Law against unauthorized use, copying, and distribution. 

The content of this website is for your own informational purposes only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. You, the user, may not copy, republish, reproduce, sell, distribute, disseminate, or transmit any portion of this website’s content without prior written consent from Kaka‘ako Smiles. Unauthorized use will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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