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Providing you with exceptional dental care in a comfortable environment is our priority. Honolulu dentist, Dr. Gerald Adachi, and our team welcome new patients of all ages. Experience what comprehensive patient-centered care can do for you.

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Your Care is as Individual as You Are

Your dental care experience is fully personalized at Kaka‘ako Smiles of Honolulu. We promise to provide you with an honest assessment of your oral health and create a comprehensive treatment plan based on your individual needs, goals, and priorities. We want to work with you to create your healthy, beautiful smile.

Optimal Results through Proven Technology

We are proud of our state-of-the-art dental facility. We use current, accurate, efficient equipment and technology to ensure that we are practicing dentistry at the highest level and our patients are receiving the best care possible.

Our Education and Training

You deserve a skilled, experienced dental team who can help you ensure great oral health and the smile and confidence that you want and deserve. Dentistry is a constantly evolving profession, and our team at Kaka‘ako Smiles is committed to continuing our education and training.

Enjoy the Convenience of Comprehensive Dentistry

You are important to us! We provide a wide range of dental solutions at our local Honolulu location. Should you require care from an outside specialist, we will refer you to one of our trusted colleagues.

Safety Protocols

While our dental office has always adhered to standard infection control measures, we have implemented several changes set by the ADA Code of Ethics, CDC Guidelines, and State regulations, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Learn more about our updated safety protocols. 

A Dental Team You can Trust

Our office is changing the way people feel about going to the dentist. Contact our Honolulu office for more information.

What People Say
About Us

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Dr. Adachi and his staff set the standards by which all other dental/medical practices should be measured. Never satisfied with the status-quo, Dr. Adachi constantly seeks out the latest and the best equipment, technology and techniques, all for the greatest benefit to his patients. His staff is top-notch! From his extremely friendly and welcoming "front-desk" personnel to his patient, gentle and highly-informative technicians and dental hygienists, there are none better. It starts at the top, and you have built a great practice, Dr. Adachi. Thank you!
Are Dee
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Dr. Adachi and his staff are absolutely amazing! I have searched long and hard for a dentist that I could feel comfortable going to, and am so glad that I have finally found one. Everyone there is incredibly friendly, supportive and they make you feel comfortable. And the work they do is fantastic as well! All around great place.
Leigh Anne
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Dr. Adachi and his team are awesome. They are so friendly and welcoming. And Dr. Adachi made me feel at ease as I was kind of nervous on the procedure I was going to get done on my mouth. Every step of the way they were just awesome. Thank you to Dr. Adachi and his staff for giving me my smile back.​

Monthly Feature:

The Airflow Polisher

Airflow Polisher

Kaka‘ako Smiles is currently one of a few dental offices in Hawai‘i incorporating Guided Biofilm Therapy and Airflow technology into our professional dental cleanings.


Dental plaque is the sticky film that coats teeth, and is composed of bacteria. This biofilm is the primary factor causing cavities and periodontal disease. With a pink disclosing dye, we can better visualize the biofilm on your teeth, which guides us in what areas to focus on during your cleaning with the Airflow Polisher. 


The Airflow uses specially processed fine powders in pressurized air to create a warm spray. One of these powders is erythritol, which bonds to the surface of teeth and prevents bacteria from adhering. With this new technology combined with the ultrasonic Cavitron, we are able to clean your teeth more effectively and efficiently, reaching within the pits and grooves of your teeth, between your teeth, and below the gumline.

Professional Dental Cleaning with Airflow Polisher at Kaka'ako Smiles
Honolulu Dentist, Dr. Gerald Adachi, Professional Memberships
Dr. Dana Adachi and Dr. Gerald Adachi hold memberships with the American Dental Association
Honolulu dentists, Dr. Dana Adachi and Dr. Gerald Adachi, hold memberships with the Hawaii Dental Association
Dr. Gerald Adachi is recognized as a fellow of the International College of Dentists
Dr. Gerald Adachi is recognized as a fellow of the Academy of Dentistry International
Kaka‘ako Smiles dentist, Dr. Gerald Adachi, was awarded Honolulu Magazine's 2021 Best Dentists in Hawaii
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